Billy Jensen The True Crime Expert and Investigative Journalist


Billy Jensen is a renowned true crime expert and investigative journalist. He has made significant contributions to the field of criminal investigation, helping to solve many high-profile cases.

Billy Jensen has spent over two decades working as an investigative journalist and true crime author. He is a unique personality with a passion for solving crimes and helping victims’ families find justice. In this article, we’ll explore the life and work of Billy Jensen, his contributions to the world of true crime, and his approach to criminal investigations.

Early Career:

Billy Jensen’s career began in the early 2000s as a journalist covering music and entertainment for various publications. However, his fascination with true crime led him to shift his focus to the criminal justice system. He began writing books about unsolved crimes and cold cases, such as “Chase Darkness with Me” and “The Killer Across the Table.” His writing helped bring attention to these cases, leading to new leads and ultimately to some cases being solved.

Investigative Journalism:

Jensen’s unique approach to investigative journalism involves crowdsourcing information from the public through social media. He created the website “Billy Jensen’s Chase Darkness with Me” to encourage citizen participation in criminal investigations. This innovative method has helped solve several cold cases.

True Crime Podcast:

Jensen co-hosts the popular true crime podcast “The Murder Squad” with fellow true crime expert, Paul Holes. They examine unsolved cases, discuss theories, and provide updates on ongoing investigations. The podcast has garnered a large following and helped generate public interest in cold cases.


Billy Jensen has worked with law enforcement agencies and victims’ families to help solve crimes. He believes that collaboration between law enforcement and the public is crucial to solving cold cases. Jensen has also worked with various media outlets, including the television series “Crime Watch Daily,” where he served as a special correspondent.


Billy Jensen’s contributions to the world of true crime have made a significant impact on criminal investigations. His unique approach to investigative journalism and citizen participation has helped solve many cold cases. Jensen’s passion for justice and dedication to helping victims’ families has made him a highly respected figure in the true crime community.

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