What is Co: Spinel.

Cobalt spinel, chemical formula Co2+: MgAl2O4,spinel is a hard, secure crystal that brightens well. Cobalt easily replaces magnesium in spinel without the need for added charge-compensating ions. Passive Q-switches or saturable absorbers produce high-power laser pulses without using electro-optic Q-switches, decreasing bundle size as well as eliminating high-voltage power materials.

Co: Spinel has actually been revealed to be a really efficient passive Q-switch for producing 1.2 µm – 1.6 µm lasers. Co2+ turned on MgAl2O4 (Co: MALO, Co: back) can be used as a medium for passive Q-switching of lasers running in the 1.3 – 1.6 µm spectral variety. Examples are 1.32 µm and 1.44 µm Nd: YAG lasers, 1.31 µm iodine lasers, and also especially 1.54 µm erbium glass lasers. The completely high absorption cross-section of the carbon dioxide+ ion and also the useful absence of excited-state absorption make this material an extremely reliable passive Q-switch (without the requirement for intracavity) for various kinds of erbium glass lasers, consisting of diode-pumped integrated circuits. focus). Minimal excited-state absorption results in high-contrast Q-switching procedure with a ratio of first (small-signal) to saturable absorption more than 10.

Co: Spinel

Features of Co: Spinel.

  • Reduced optical losses in the wavelength series of 1,3 µm – 1,6 µm.
  • The high laser-induced damages limit.
  • Application of Co: Spinel.

Scramble is an easy emitter of passive Q that can be made use of for semiconductor switching security lasers running at the human eye wavelength of 1.5 μm. Given that the 1.5 μm transmitter appropriates for the industry at first because of the application of the 1.5 μm medium-wavelength waveguide, so when it comes to this wavelength, and also some delicate eyes are sensitive. (Ge as well as InGaAs photodiodes) accessibility.

  • Passive Q-switch for Emergency Room: Glass @ 1.54 µm.

Benefits of Co: Spinel

Cobalt-doped magnesium aluminate spinel (Co: MgAl2O4) can generate short nanosecond pulses with high peak power around the eye-safe wavelength of 1.5 μm, making it perfect for telemetry applications. It has the benefits of high absorption section, lengthy life span, consistent cobalt circulation, and also absorption data transfer.

  • high absorption area.
  • long life span.
  • uniform cobalt circulation.
  • absorption transmission capacity.

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