GTA Trevor Actor Sends Angry Video to Fan Asking About GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto VI leaked? You’re joking? I hadn’t heard … I jest. It’s inescapable, isn’t it? Last month, Rockstar Games was targeted by a cyber attack that saw over an hour of GTA VI development footage leaked online alongside screenshots and source code. Since then, a UK-based teenager has appeared in court pleading “not guilty”.

We all knew that GTA VI was eventually coming, but this has certainly scuppered Rockstar’s reveal plans. Already, fans think they’ve worked out who the game’s lead actors are, plus they’re using the leaked development footage to map out GTA VI’s take on Vice City. One veteran GTA actor seems to be fed up with GTA VI related questions though.

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GTA V actor Steven Ogg, known for portraying Trevor in the franchise, has reportedly sent a Cameo to one fan which has left the fan calling his response “annoyed” and “berating”. As reported by PCGamesN, YouTuber Hugo One asked Ogg to record a message to GTA VI protagonists Jason and Lucia warning them about the dangers of Vice City.

Hugo paid $140 for the Cameo, specifically requesting Ogg tell Jason and Lucia to “be careful in Vice City” and to “watch out for the cops in Port Gellhorn.” He finished by requesting, “Tell them that ‘maybe you’ll see them out there.’ Feel free to be crazy.” It’s quite a tall order. In his video response, Ogg said, “I’m not Trevor. My name is Steven and I’m an actor,” but did proceed to read out the requested lines. You can check out the full Cameo below.

Technically, Hugo got what he asked for albeit with a slightly different tone. “He seemed a little bit annoyed about me asking him to be Trevor again, rather than Steven Ogg. I thought he came off like quite the d**k, to be honest,” Hugo said, “I requested that he be this character that he’s famous for and talk about the world that that character lives in, and he took at as some kind of insult to him as an actor, and I thought that was a little unnecessary to spend a couple of minutes berating me for asking him to be Trevor instead of being himself. I thought that’s what Cameo was for. I thought that was why I paid all this money.” Bit awkward. Topics: Grand Theft Auto, GTA 5, GTA 6, Rockstar Games

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