Laser glass is a type of strong laser product based on glasses. It is widely made use of in various kinds of solid-state laser light, as well as has actually become the main laser product of high power and high energy laser.

The qualities of glass as a laser-functioning substance are as complies with:

A wide variety of chemical structures and manufacturing processes can be differed to get several essential properties, such as fluorescence, high thermal security, reduced thermal growth coefficient, unfavorable temperature refraction coefficient, high optical harmony, as well as very easy accessibility in a selection of shapes and sizes, and affordable.

Laser glass is made up of matrix glass as well as triggered ions. The physical and chemical properties of laser glass are primarily established by the matrix glasses, and also its spooky properties are mostly identified by the triggered ions, yet they are additionally interrelated and affect each other.


Now there are mostly silicate laser glass, phosphate laser glass, borate and also borosilicate laser glass, fluorophosphate and also fluoride laser glass, silicophosphate laser glass, high neodymium concentration laser glass, and a number of sorts, we mainly introduce silicate laser glass and also phosphate, borate and also borosilicate laser glass as well as high neodymium focus laser glass these 3 kinds.

Qualities of neodymium drugged glass

(1) silicate system glass

It has a long fluorescence lifetime, high quantum performance, as well as a series of outstanding physical and chemical properties. If the permeability is tiny, the chemical stability is excellent and the mechanical toughness is high, the manufacturing as well as manufacturing procedure is reasonably easy as well as fully grown, it is less complicated to acquire huge glass with high optical uniformity on the basis of the optical glass manufacturing procedure.

(2) Borate and borosilicate system glass.

The fluorescence lifetime of boron-containing glass is much shorter and also the quantum effectiveness is reduced, yet the absorption coefficient of Nd3+ is higher as well as the thermal development coefficient is reduced. Since the limit power of pulse oscillation is proportional to the fluorescence lifetime, although the fluorescence life of boron glass is short as well as the absorption coefficient is high, the reduced limit energy can be obtained, which is suitable for high repeating rate pulse lasers.

(3) Phosphate system glass

The phosphate-system glass has a short fluorescence life, slim fluorescence spectrum line, and also solid near-infrared absorption of Nd3+, which is conducive to the full usage of light pump energy. As a result of the problems in the manufacturing process, such as the severe disintegration of the refractory crucible and also bad optical uniformity, its vast application is limited. Nevertheless, phosphorous salt glass with reduced thermo-optical coefficient can be obtained by changing the make-up of glass, so just recently it has actually been made use of in repetition regularity tools.


The chemical structure of glasses can be altered over a variety so that a selection of laser glasses with different properties can be prepared, and the kinds, as well as quantities of triggered ions incorporated, are not limited; It is easy to make plus size lasers pole or lasers disc, and also the optical high quality is easy to be guaranteed. The price of it is likewise more affordable than the laser functioning products such as crystals.


It has the advantages of high optical quality, huge volume, vast emission spectrum, solid anti-laser damage capability, simple handling, and cheap price. As a solid laser product, laser results with high brightness, high directivity, high monochrome as well as high coherence can be obtained.

Therefore, it has actually been widely made used in industry, farming, natural science as well as an armed force.

High-power laser tools: Nd: glass high-power lasers device is the primary tool for the study of laser blend, which plays an essential function in the advancement as well as the research study of new energy and also plasma physics.

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