Wavlink AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor Extender Setup

In this, we will discuss the techniques for the Wavlink Aerial HD2 outdoor extender setup AC600. We can set up an Aerial HD2 outdoor extender.

  1. Router
  2. Repeater
  3. Lan Bridge

The Wavlink Aerial HD2 outside Extender amplifies the signal and removes the dead zone.

Wavlink Aerial HD2 AC600 Extender Setup | Repeater Mode

This method is to set up your outdoor extender in repeater mode. Follow the procedures listed below to complete the Wavlink Aerial HD2 outdoor extender setup in repeater mode:

  • Connect  Aerial HD2 to a power source first.
  • Once the AC600 has a firm green signal, connect the ethernet connection from the POE to the extender.
  • Use a compatible web browser after connecting to the default network.
  • Visit ap. setup and navigate to the configuration page
  • You have reached the configuration page for the Wavlink Aerial HD2 outside extender.
  • Log in with your username(SSID) and password and follow the steps.
  • The extender has now been successfully set up as a repeater.

Wavlink Aerial HD2 AC600 outdoor WIFI extender Setup in Router Mode

  • Plug the Wavlink Aerial HD2 AC600 with a power supply.
  • The ethernet wire from the POE box should be connected to the Aerial HD2 extender.
  • The other Ethernet cable should then be connected to the primary router or modem using the same connector box.
  • Connect wirelessly capable devices such as your Mobile, PC, laptop, etc to the WAVLINK-N network.
  • Visit wifi.wavlink.com after connecting navigate to the setup page for the AC600 outdoor extender and follow the steps.
  • It has now been successful to set up the Wavlink outside extender in router mode.

In case you run into any issues setting up your Wavlink wifi extender. Feel free to contact our technical specialists at our toll-free helpline or via live chat for free assistance.

How to Update AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor Wifi extender firmware

Firmware updates will help you to increase your AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor e performance and efficiency. These updates also enhance the security of wifi the extender.”

1. First, log in to your AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor Wireless using https://wifi.wavlink.com with your SSID(Username) and Password.

2. Click on the Menu icon on the webpage, in this you will find the firmware update option.

3. On the firmware update webpage, you will get the option to check for updates.

4. If there will be any update, please follow the steps that the webpage will describe to you and your firmware will get updated.

How to Reset the Wavlink Aerial HD4 Outdoor Wifi Extender

Unfortunately, if you forget your password or username for the AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor Wifi Extender. You can simply reset your wifi extender.

1. You will find the extender’s reset or factory reset button on the side or bottom panel behind a small hole.

2. Use a toothpick or similarly sized object to press and hold the Reset or Factory Reset button for 8-10 seconds.

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