What Is FTP, FTP Client And How To Use It:

What is FTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is network protocol that transfer files of your PC between two parties one is the client and second is the server on a computer network.
Between the server and the client file transfer protocol use the separate data connection and control and it is built on a client server. File transfer protocol user normally get access with a sign in the protocol that is username and password. FTP is secured with the SSL/TLS(FTPS) or it is called SSH file transfer protocol (SFTP) for the protection of password and username.

What Is an FTP Client And Best FTP Client?

By using an FTP client we can upload, download and also manage files on our server. CloudMounter is only the name in FTP client servers that is at the top of list and it is best FTP MAC solution. It is a centralized service and as a local disk it allows mounting cloud storage and also web services to MAC. It is fast and easy in use it protects your data at high end encryption algorithm.

Technical Information:

It is normally used for exchanging files over any network and supports the TCP/IP protocols like the intranet or an internet. In FTP transfer normally two computers are involved first one is a server and the second one is a client. FTP server software is running by the FTP server computer and the network connection requests from other computers. And the client computer running the FTP client software that starts a connection to the server.

When the connection process is completed then the client can do many things like uploading any files to the server, download files from the server and also delete or rename the files on the server etc. FTP protocols support all IT platforms. It allows the manipulate files, the computer that is connected to a TCP/IP to another computer that is on the same network. There are many server programs and FTP clients, many of which are free.

How To Use An FTP Client?

If you don’t know how to use an FTP client then I will tell you the complete guide in this article step by step.

First, you have to download the FTP client program. There are many free FTP clients if you don’t want free then go for a paid version FTP program. You must have the complete FTP information. Once you have installed the FTP client on a computer and after this you have to set it up for the site that you wish to use

Now start the FTP client on your computer and enter these things that are given below.

A Profile Name:

Your profile name will be anything that you want but remember one thing that makes it simple that you can easily remember it for the use of another site.


With your web hosting company the hostname will be provided to you. It can be IP address like this ( or it can be your domain name like (ftp.domainname.com)

FTP Username:

First, you have assigned FTP username or you have to create your FTP account its all depends on how your web hosting handles the FTP.

FTP Password:

Your FTP password will be different from your hosting account password for some security issues Sometimes it happens that your web hosting company has set up your FTP password as same as your hosting login password in this condition you have to change the password of your FTP account. One thing you have to remember that you cannot save your FTP password into the software. In the result of this, anyone that has access to your computer can do anything with your site like uploading, downloading and many more.

Location Of Files On Your Computer:

For the easy use of things that you can use FTP client easily then you have to enter the path on your computer to that folder which contains your website.

Folder Location On Web Server:

On your computer like the location of your files if on the web server of your site or blog you enter the path to the correct location then you don’t have to change the path next time while using the FTP client.
For the transfer of your website files by using FTP client is a skill you have

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